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Learn to Compose Video Game Music in FL Studio in 1 hour!$200.00Udemy71, Music, Production200
Advanced Beat Making Skills$200.00Udemy76, Music, Production200
GarageBand Masterclass: Learn GarageBand Today$200.00Udemy89, Music, Production200
Music Production in Ableton Live 9 - The Complete Course!$195.00Udemy77, Music, Production195
Ultimate Guide to Editing And Mixing Drums In Pro Tools$195.00Udemy74, Music, Production195
Music Production in Logic Pro X - The Complete Course!$195.00Udemy89, Music, Production195
Music + Audio Production in Logic Pro X - The Complete Guide$180.00Udemy90, Music, Production180
Music Theory For Beginners (Any DAW)$150.00Udemy73, Music, Production150
Garageband: Hip Hop Song Creation Basics$150.00Udemy72, Music, Production150
Pro Production Techniques For Logic Pro X$150.00Udemy72, Music, Production150
How to Mix Your Beats - Improve Your Sound$150.00Udemy70, Music, Production150
Drum Programming Basics: Create Todays Drum Loops & Patterns$150.00Udemy75, Music, Production150
Music Production (From Scratch)$125.00Udemy71, Music, Production125
Learn GARAGEBAND- Have Fun, Make Your Own Music- It's Easy!$100.00Udemy90, Music, Production100
Music Production Bootcamp For Beginners - Any DAW$100.00Udemy89, Music, Production100
Learn Compression & Dynamics Processing: The Complete Guide!$95.00Udemy70, Music, Production95
Mixing Music - Learn how to mix a Hip Hop Song like a Pro!$85.00Udemy72, Music, Production85
Mixing Music - Learn how to mix a Pop Rock Song like a Pro!$85.00Udemy66, Music, Production85
Record & Mix Music like a Pro - Acoustic Guitars and Vocals!$85.00Udemy64, Music, Production85
Music Producer’s Guide to Running a Virtual Recording Studio$75.00Udemy64, Music, Production75
How to Produce a professional radio show with Ableton Live$75.00Udemy60, Music, Production75
Learn Compression: The Beginners Guide to Mixing!$55.00Udemy66, Music, Production55
Sound Engineer Fundamentals :$50.00Udemy64, Music, Production50
How To Make A Record$50.00Udemy73, Music, Production50
Vocal Recording: A Complete Production Guide$50.00Udemy76, Music, Production50
RECORD LABEL : How to Start a Music Record Label in 30 days$50.00Udemy82, Music, Production50
Programming Amazing Drum Tracks: a Guide for Non-Drummers$45.00Udemy65, Music, Production45
Learn Deep House Production with Logic Pro$40.00Udemy67, Music, Production40
Podcast Academy - Simple Steps To Recording & Publishing$35.00Udemy67, Music, Production35
Drum Production Bible: Secret Methods For Modern Beat Making$35.00Udemy68, Music, Production35
Mastering EDM in Ableton Live Using Native Plugins$35.00Udemy67, Music, Production35
Learn Electronic Dance Music Production with Ableton Live$35.00Udemy61, Music, Production35
Sampling: Using Sampling for Sound Design & Production$35.00Udemy76, Music, Production35
Ultimate Ableton Live: Part 5 - MIDI & Audio Effects$35.00Udemy70, Music, Production35
Synthesizers! Using Synthesis for Sound Design & Production$35.00Udemy79, Music, Production35
How To Remix a Song in Eight Easy Steps$30.00Udemy64, Music, Production30
Create an energetic House Track with Logic Pro$30.00Udemy69, Music, Production30
Learn How to Remix Any Song You Want and Get Noticed$30.00Udemy73, Music, Production30
Record & Edit With Your USB Microphone Like A Pro$25.00Udemy62, Music, Production25
Circuit Bending: Making Music By ReWiring Devices and Toys$25.00Udemy71, Music, Production25
Sound like a Pro: The Basics of FL Studio & EDM Production$25.00Udemy71, Music, Production25
Learn How to Use Ableton Live and Become a Better Producer$25.00Udemy73, Music, Production25
Millionaire DJ: FL Studio 12 - Pro Music Production Course$25.00Udemy80, Music, Production25
Kick Drum Synthesis With Sylenth 1$25.00Udemy79, Music, Production25
Home Recording: Budget Audio Recording on a Laptop$25.00Udemy78, Music, Production25
Drum Mic Technique: Record better sounds today.$20.00Udemy60, Music, Production20
How to become a successful music producer$20.00Udemy60, Music, Production20
Digital Music Production - Creating Tomorrow's Hit Songs!$20.00Udemy64, Music, Production20
Complete Guide to Maschine MKII$20.00Udemy63, Music, Production20
Recipes For Recording$20.00Udemy67, Music, Production20
Music Production: FL Studio for Absolute Beginners - Part I$20.00Udemy67, Music, Production20
Record Great Sound At Home For Instructors & YouTubers$20.00Udemy67, Music, Production20
Learn Dance Music Production in Ableton Live$20.00Udemy67, Music, Production20
Record Audio Like a Pro: Foundations of Audio Recording$20.00Udemy68, Music, Production20
Learn how to Sample for Hip-hop in Logic Pro$20.00Udemy68, Music, Production20
Mixing for Music Producers$20.00Udemy69, Music, Production20
Garageband Tutorial: Produce like a Pro with Garageband$20.00Udemy71, Music, Production20
HiFi (HD Audio) Recording Using Affordable Equipment$20.00Udemy71, Music, Production20
The Professional Way: Learn Electronic Music Production$20.00Udemy72, Music, Production20
Create a Finger-Drumming Rack in Ableton Live (Basics)$20.00Udemy74, Music, Production20
Understanding MIDI: Create Compositions With Help Of MIDI FX$20.00Udemy73, Music, Production20
Complete Guide To GarageBand For Beginners$20.00Udemy74, Music, Production20
Remix Tutorial: How to Remix in Logic Pro X$20.00Udemy79, Music, Production20
Mixing Electronic Music with Logic Pro$20.00Udemy80, Music, Production20
Introduction to Electronic Music$20.00Udemy82, Music, Production20
Learn how to make a song in GarageBand in 1 hour$20.00Udemy83, Music, Production20
Massive Tutorial: Master "Massive" in One Week$20.00Udemy89, Music, Production20
Studio Essentials: Sound and Audio Foundations For Producers$20.00Udemy96, Music, Production20
Aprende!! Teoria Musical en Fl Studio$10.00Teachlr7, Music, Production10
Mixing with FabFilter: Compression with FabFilter Pro-C2$0.00Udemy66, Music, Production0
Make Your First EDM Track - No Experience Required!$0.00Udemy67, Music, Production0
Music Production in Ableton Live 9 - The Beginners Guide!$0.00Udemy67, Music, Production0
Learn Sidechain Compression for EDM Music Production$0.00Udemy72, Music, Production0
JingleMoney: Compose Music for Commercials. Get Paid for It.$0.00Udemy72, Music, Production0
Music Production - Learn the Compressor Effect$0.00Udemy75, Music, Production0
How To DJ - DJ Techniques Clear and Simple - Intro Class$0.00Udemy76, Music, Production0
Produce a Retro Disco Boogie Record using Ableton Live Music$0.00Udemy76, Music, Production0
Compression for Music Producers$0.00Udemy77, Music, Production0
Sampling: Using Sampling for Production - Intro$0.00Udemy81, Music, Production0
Producing Drums with Ableton Live and Drum Rack$0.00Udemy83, Music, Production0
Massive Tutorial: Master "Massive" In One Week (Lite)$0.00Udemy90, Music, Production0
Learn how to become a great DJ and be the life of the party!$0.00Udemy94, Music, Production0