Even with singers popping up everywhere, it is easy to differentiate between an artist who has sharpened their art and one who has just popped out of the street and plastered a set of words on an available beat

Singing lessons are an integral part of a great artist. Good music lasts; fad hits make one-month, one-hit wonders. For a long time, many gifted artists have found it hard to take classes either because of high cost or not having access to a learning facility.

Today, however, online lessons are an artist’s treasure. They are available at flexible times and charge pocket-friendly fees. Schools like Berkelee have brought to the limelight singers who would have otherwise remained unknown.

These classes give singers a better understanding of how to coordinate and control voices, be in sync during performances, build confidence and even play instruments. They are an affordable resource that every artist with a serious dream should not fail to take advantage of.

NamePricePayment typeCourse languageProviderPopularityCategoriescategories_hfilteratt:pa_provider_hfilterprice_hsort
Album Launch & Release Music Promotion Blueprint$200.00Udemy61, Music, Other200
Learn Piano Christmas Song #2 - Play Dreamy Silver Bells$200.00Udemy72, Instruments, Music200
Play Piano 2: Play "Love Me Tender" By Ear with 2-5 Chords$200.00Udemy72, Instruments, Music200
Play By Ear #4: Play Song By Ear with 3 Chords Using Any Key$200.00Udemy71, Instruments, Music200
Play Piano 4: Improvise on popular song Yesterday chords$200.00Udemy71, Instruments, Music200
Piano Runs & Fills #4: C6 Rolling Waves & Waterfall Runs$200.00Udemy68, Instruments, Music200
Play Piano 5: Improvise on Misty Eb Key Runs & 2-5 Chords$200.00Udemy68, Instruments, Music200
Play Piano 3: Improvise Chords to Enchanted Evening by Ear$200.00Udemy68, Instruments, Music200
Piano Runs & Fills #3: Jazzy Chromatic Chord Song Endings$200.00Udemy67, Instruments, Music200
Play Piano 6 -Improvise on The Way We Were with Power Chords$200.00Udemy66, Instruments, Music200
Play Piano 8 - Play Over the Rainbow by Ear & Free Improvise$200.00Udemy66, Instruments, Music200
Music Fundamentals: Learn Beatmaking with Pen Tapping$200.00Udemy64, Instruments, Music200
Play Piano 7: Improvise on For All We Know in F Key by Ear$200.00Udemy62, Instruments, Music200
Play Piano 9: Improvise on The Way You Look Tonight Chords$200.00Udemy70, Music, Music Fundamentals200
Learn the Seven Modes on the Guitar$200.00Udemy70, Music, Music Fundamentals200
Play Any Song in ANY 12 Keys Using A Powerful Number Method$200.00Udemy69, Music, Music Fundamentals200
Play Piano 11: Improvise All I Ask of You chord progression$200.00Udemy68, Music, Music Fundamentals200
Music Theory Grade 1 - British School Muscat$200.00Udemy65, Music, Music Fundamentals200
Hit Songwriting: Learn to Write! Enjoy a Songwriting Career!$200.00Udemy70, Music, Music Techniques200
Successful Music Marketing and Branding for Artists/Bands$200.00Udemy64, Music, Other200
Learn to Compose Video Game Music in FL Studio in 1 hour!$200.00Udemy71, Music, Production200
Learn Piano Christmas Song #1 - Play Dreamy White Christmas$200.00Udemy76, Instruments, Music200
Play Piano 1 Intro: Play Standards 2-5 Power Chords by EAR$200.00Udemy75, Instruments, Music200
Master Class # 11: Play Piano Techniques Learn Piano 1 to10$200.00Udemy73, Instruments, Music200
Smart Songwriting: Write Great Songs That Attract Listeners$200.00Udemy76, Music, Music Fundamentals200
Music Theory Intro: DIY Circle of 5th -Guitar Piano Ukulele$200.00Udemy76, Music, Music Fundamentals200
Music Theory #3 - Circle of 5ths - Compose & Improvise$200.00Udemy76, Music, Music Fundamentals200
Play By Ear #2: Learn to Play By Ear Easily in 12 Keys Fast$200.00Udemy75, Music, Music Fundamentals200
Play Piano 10: Improvise on Love Story By Ear in Minor Key$200.00Udemy73, Music, Music Fundamentals200
Music Theory #2: Circle of 5ths - Dominant 7 & Tritones$200.00Udemy73, Music, Music Fundamentals200
Learn Piano #2 - Play Piano Color Chords & 19 Ballads$200.00Udemy75, Music, Music Techniques200
Play Piano 14: Improvise on Moon River by Ear Power Chords$200.00Udemy74, Music, Music Techniques200
How To Get a Record Deal & Navigate The Music Industry$200.00Udemy76, Music, Other200
Radio Promotion: How To Get a Song On The Radio$200.00Udemy75, Music, Other200
Music Licensing Tips - Get Your Music Licensed to TV & Film$200.00Udemy73, Music, Other200
Advanced Beat Making Skills$200.00Udemy76, Music, Production200
Learn How To Freestyle Rap, Rap Like A Pro, And Write Lyrics$200.00Udemy77, Music, Vocal200
Become a World Class Performer & Own The Stage$200.00Udemy75, Music, Vocal200
Piano Runs & Fills #2: Play Rolling Cascading Runs for Intro$200.00Udemy80, Instruments, Music200
The Complete Guitar Strumming System - Beginner to Advanced$200.00Udemy80, Instruments, Music200
Play By Ear #1: Pick Out Melodies with 7 Tones in 1 Hour$200.00Udemy80, Music, Music Fundamentals200
How To Get a Booking Agent$200.00Udemy79, Music, Music Fundamentals200
Adventures in Classical Music—Music Appreciation for All!$200.00Udemy79, Music, Music Fundamentals200
Play By Ear #3: Use 3 Major Chord Trick to Harmonize Songs$200.00Udemy78, Music, Music Fundamentals200
Master Guitar In 90 Days: Step-By-Step Lessons For Beginners$200.00Udemy83, Instruments, Music200
Learn to Play Piano From a Concert Pianist - For Beginners$200.00Udemy83, Instruments, Music200
Learn Piano #1 - Basic Harmony & 14 Piano Improvisation Tips$200.00Udemy84, Music, Music Techniques200
Guitar Chord Mastery!Turn Your Brain Into A Chord Encyclopia$200.00Udemy85, Instruments, Music200
GarageBand Masterclass: Learn GarageBand Today$200.00Udemy89, Music, Production200
Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Course: Beginner to Advanced$200.00Udemy92, Instruments, Music200
Music Theory #1- Circle of 5ths Master Class 12 Keys$200.00Udemy91, Music, Music Fundamentals200
Steps to Take to Effectively Sell Music Online$200.00Udemy93, Music, Other200
Quicklessons Piano Course - Learn to Play Piano by Ear!$200.00Udemy94, Instruments, Music200
Learn HARMONICA, amaze your friends and have fun - it's easy$200.00Udemy94, Instruments, Music200
The Professional Guitar Masterclass$200.00Udemy99, Instruments, Music200
Learn to Play Tarrega, Bach, and Sor on Classical Guitar$195.00Udemy63, Instruments, Music195
Learn Classical Guitar Technique and play "Spanish Romance"$195.00Udemy73, Instruments, Music195
Blues Guitar Lessons for Beginners: Chords, Rhythm and Lead$195.00Udemy71, Instruments, Music195
Music Promotion Blueprint+Software$195.00Udemy71, Music, Music Techniques195
Music Production in Ableton Live 9 - The Complete Course!$195.00Udemy77, Music, Production195
Ultimate Guide to Editing And Mixing Drums In Pro Tools$195.00Udemy74, Music, Production195
The Complete Introduction To Music Theory Course$195.00Udemy81, Music, Music Fundamentals195
How To Create Backing Tracks Using Ableton Live$195.00Udemy81, Music, Music Software195
Learn To Read & Write Music - Go From Beginner To Advanced$195.00Udemy87, Music, Music Fundamentals195
Music Production in Logic Pro X - The Complete Course!$195.00Udemy89, Music, Production195
Learn How To Read Music From Beginner To Intermediate$195.00Udemy92, Music, Music Fundamentals195
Learn Piano #4 - Predict chord progressions - Circle of 5th$175.00Udemy64, Music, Music Fundamentals175
Learn Piano #5 - Play Piano with Drama: Secondary Dominants$175.00Udemy64, Music, Music Fundamentals175
Music + Audio Production in Logic Pro X - The Complete Guide$180.00Udemy90, Music, Production180
How to play Piano - Go from a Beginner/Intermediate to a Pro$175.00Udemy86, Instruments, Music175
Pianohack, play any song in an hour! As featured on BBC news$175.00Udemy74, Instruments, Music175
Learn Piano #8: Use Augmented Chord Sub & Whole Tone Scales$175.00Udemy73, Instruments, Music175
Learn Piano #10 Tritone Chord Substitution with Jazzy Sounds$175.00Udemy72, Instruments, Music175
Learn Piano #7- Learn Chromatic Chords & Chromatic Scale Run$175.00Udemy71, Instruments, Music175
Piano Runs & Fills #1: Play Dreamy Whole Tone Scale Runs$175.00Udemy68, Instruments, Music175
How to Figure out Rhythm of Songs - 3/4 or 4/4?$175.00Udemy77, Music, Music Fundamentals175
Read Music Notes Fast #1: Beginners - Music Note Attack$175.00Udemy76, Music, Music Fundamentals175
Read Music Notes Fast #3 - Speed Read 11 Treble Clef Notes$175.00Udemy73, Music, Music Fundamentals175
Read Music Notes Fast #4 -Read 11 Bass Clef Notes with Speed$175.00Udemy72, Music, Music Fundamentals175
Learn Piano #9: Use Suspended Chords to a song & play runs$175.00Udemy70, Music, Music Fundamentals175
Learn Piano #3 - Music Harmony & Learn 3 Minor Piano Chords$175.00Udemy66, Music, Music Fundamentals175
Play Piano 15: Improvise You Light Up My Life by Ear Chords$175.00Udemy68, Music, Music Techniques175
Pianoforall - Incredible New Way To Learn Piano & Keyboard$175.00Udemy100, Instruments, Music175
Playing Piano: Popular Pieces Vol. II$150.00Udemy74, Instruments, Music150
Learn Fun Piano Tips #1: Master Eb Key to play ballad songs$150.00Udemy72, Instruments, Music150
Read Music Notes Fast #5 - 22 Treble and Bass Clef Notes$150.00Udemy74, Music, Music Fundamentals150
Instant Piano Lesson - Scales & Chords$150.00Udemy74, Music, Music Fundamentals150
Play Piano 12: Improvise on Unchained Melody Chords in G Key$150.00Udemy69, Music, Music Fundamentals150
Read Music Notes Fast #2: Read 22 Music Notes in 7 Days$150.00Udemy69, Music, Music Fundamentals150
Play Piano 13: Improvise My Heart Will Go On Chords By EAR$150.00Udemy72, Music, Music Techniques150
Learn Fun Piano Tips #3 - Play Open 10 Ballad - 5 Variations$150.00Udemy68, Music, Music Techniques150
Hit Songwriting: Learn to Write Lyrics! Be a Songwriting Pro$150.00Udemy66, Music, Music Techniques150
Music Theory For Beginners (Any DAW)$150.00Udemy73, Music, Production150
Garageband: Hip Hop Song Creation Basics$150.00Udemy72, Music, Production150
Pro Production Techniques For Logic Pro X$150.00Udemy72, Music, Production150
How to Mix Your Beats - Improve Your Sound$150.00Udemy70, Music, Production150
Be a Voice Actor: Making a Living with Your Voice$150.00Udemy73, Music, Vocal150
DIY Musician Guide: How to Promote Your Music + Sell To Fans$150.00Udemy81, Music, Music Fundamentals150
Fun Music Games - At what speed do you read music notes?$150.00Udemy80, Music, Music Fundamentals150
Music Theory for Beat Makers 2: Industry Chord Progressions$150.00Udemy78, Music, Music Fundamentals150
Make Music in Logic Pro X for Beginners$150.00Udemy80, Music, Music Software150
Learn Fun Piano Tips #2 - Play LH Ballad Piano in C & F Keys$150.00Udemy80, Music, Music Techniques150
Drum Programming Basics: Create Todays Drum Loops & Patterns$150.00Udemy75, Music, Production150
Singing #1: Complete Vocal Warm ups,Tips & Voice Physiology$150.00Udemy93, Music, Vocal150
Sample Clearance for Music Artists 101$145.00Udemy70, Music, Other145
Complete Guitar System - Beginner to Advanced$145.00Udemy99, Instruments, Music145
Music Production (From Scratch)$125.00Udemy71, Music, Production125
Vocal Warmups for Great Technique$125.00Udemy71, Music, Vocal125
Curso Vocal: MĂ©todo de canto completo para melhorar a voz$135.00Udemy71, Music, Vocal135
Acoustic Blues Guitar Lessons$125.00Udemy75, Instruments, Music125
Learn the Violin - No Music Experience Necessary!$120.00Udemy63, Instruments, Music120
Learn to Play Fernando Sor's "Study in B minor"$115.00Udemy75, Instruments, Music115
Piano: The Chord Based System - Learn To Play As The Pros Do$115.00Udemy65, Instruments, Music115
Ear Training for the Very Beginner$110.00Udemy66, Music, Music Fundamentals110
Playing Piano: Play Chords and Popular Pieces Vol.I$100.00Udemy71, Instruments, Music100
Play Piano To-day! - Beginner Piano Lessons For Busy People!$100.00Udemy61, Instruments, Music100
Music Composition 2$100.00Udemy71, Music, Music Fundamentals100
Song Science #2: The Complete Songwriting Chord Guide$100.00Udemy65, Music, Music Fundamentals100
Music Theory - Melody Composition for Grade 6 ABRSM$100.00Udemy64, Music, Music Fundamentals100
Learn EDM In Garageband - For Beginners$100.00Udemy68, Music, Music Software100
Phase 2 - Becoming A Natural Singer$100.00Udemy70, Music, Vocal100
Learn BASS GUITAR- Have Fun, Amaze Your Friends- It's Easy!$100.00Udemy76, Instruments, Music100
101 Blues riffs - learn how the harmonica superstars do it$100.00Udemy72, Instruments, Music100
Music Composition 1$100.00Udemy77, Music, Music Fundamentals100
Learn Music Theory From Scratch- Read, Play & Write Music$100.00Udemy72, Music, Music Fundamentals100
Garageband - Make Your First Track (Start to Finish)$100.00Udemy72, Music, Music Software100
7 Secrets to HIT Songwriting$100.00Udemy77, Music, Other100
How To Sell More Products At Live Events$100.00Udemy76, Music, Other100
Learn how to use GarageBand when mixing vocals$100.00Udemy73, Music, Vocal100
Piano for Singer/Songwriters | Write Songs and Perform Live!$100.00Udemy83, Instruments, Music100
Audacity Tutorial: Learn to Edit & Improve Audio Files$100.00Udemy78, Music, Music Software100
How To Get a Manager: Music Business Management$100.00Udemy86, Music, Other100
Learn GARAGEBAND- Have Fun, Make Your Own Music- It's Easy!$100.00Udemy90, Music, Production100
Music Production Bootcamp For Beginners - Any DAW$100.00Udemy89, Music, Production100
Learn Piano Today: How to Play Piano Course in Quick Lessons$100.00Udemy93, Instruments, Music100
Elite Singing Techniques - Phase I$100.00Udemy93, Music, Vocal100
World's Fastest Piano Method - The Piano Revolution!$95.00Udemy72, Instruments, Music95
BEGINNER BASS FORMULA$95.00Udemy64, Music, Music Techniques95
Practical Steps to Overcoming Performance Anxiety$95.00Udemy74, Music, Other95
Learn Compression & Dynamics Processing: The Complete Guide!$95.00Udemy70, Music, Production95
Learn to Read & Write Music to play Piano & more instruments$95.00Udemy76, Instruments, Music95
THE SLAP BASS FORMULA$95.00Udemy77, Music, Music Techniques95
Beginner to Advanced Strumming Patterns for the Guitar$95.00Udemy82, Music, Music Techniques95
The Complete Piano Course - Master The Piano$95.00Udemy89, Instruments, Music95
Blues and Advanced Guitar Lessons$85.00Udemy72, Instruments, Music85
Make Your Own Ukulele$85.00Udemy62, Instruments, Music85
Ultimate Ableton Live COMPLETE: Parts 1, 2, & 3$85.00Udemy73, Music, Music Software85
Mixing Music - Learn how to mix a Hip Hop Song like a Pro!$85.00Udemy72, Music, Production85
Mixing Music - Learn how to mix a Pop Rock Song like a Pro!$85.00Udemy66, Music, Production85
Record & Mix Music like a Pro - Acoustic Guitars and Vocals!$85.00Udemy64, Music, Production85
Just chords Piano: Piano and Keyboard Made Easy. No Music!$85.00Udemy81, Instruments, Music85
Music Business: Learn How to Build a Business Making Music$75.00Udemy61, Music, Other75
Music Producer’s Guide to Running a Virtual Recording Studio$75.00Udemy64, Music, Production75
How to Produce a professional radio show with Ableton Live$75.00Udemy60, Music, Production75
The Allman Brothers Guitar Roots And Techniques$75.00Udemy82, Instruments, Music75
Guitar Chord Riot! Learn to Play Guitar Like a Guitar Jedi$75.00Udemy71, Instruments, Music75
Discover Classical Guitar Level 2$75.00Udemy69, Instruments, Music75
RUNdamentals: The Essential Modern Piano Runs Guide$75.00Udemy73, Music, Music Techniques75
Singing #2: Increase Your Vocal Range & Blend your Registers$75.00Udemy73, Music, Vocal75
Play Piano Today - Easy Festive Favorites & Piano Party Hits$75.00Udemy84, Instruments, Music75
Your Second Course on Piano: Two Handed Playing$70.00Udemy71, Instruments, Music70
Piano From Zero To Pro - Beginner Essentials To The Piano$70.00Udemy67, Instruments, Music70
Your First Course on Piano$70.00Udemy79, Instruments, Music70
Beginning Music Theory for All Musicians$69.00Teachlr7, Music, Music Fundamentals69
Befreie deine Stimme! Gesangsunterricht fĂĽr alle Level$65.00Udemy81, Music, Vocal65
Learn Piano with Beyer, 15 Minutes Challenge$60.00Udemy61, Instruments, Music60
Music Theory Comprehensive Complete! (Levels 1, 2, & 3)$60.00Udemy70, Music, Music Fundamentals60
How to Start a Record Label & Create a Career in Music$60.00Udemy65, Music, Other60
Play Piano by Ear Today! SuperCourse$60.00Udemy88, Instruments, Music60
Country Guitar Essentials: Chicken Pickin'$60.00Udemy74, Music, Music Techniques60
Quick & Easy Piano Chords: Play more songs with more chords$55.00Udemy78, Instruments, Music55
Guitar: Learn 12 Must Know Beginner Rock Guitar Riffs$55.00Udemy76, Instruments, Music55
Learn Compression: The Beginners Guide to Mixing!$55.00Udemy66, Music, Production55
5 Exotic Guitar Scales and How to Use Them Effectively$50.00Udemy63, Instruments, Music50
Learn to Play the Oboe: Beginner to Pro in Under Four Hours$50.00Udemy62, Instruments, Music50
Learn to Play the Flute: Beginner to Pro in Under Five Hours$50.00Udemy62, Instruments, Music50
Learn to Play French Horn: Beginner to Pro Made the Easy Way$50.00Udemy61, Instruments, Music50
CAGED System for Guitar (Guitar Lessons from Lutz Academy)$50.00Udemy61, Instruments, Music50
Learn to Play Percussion: Beginner to Pro made the Easy Way!$50.00Udemy61, Instruments, Music50
Inside Drum Technique$50.00Udemy60, Instruments, Music50
Guitar:Play 5 Easy Christmas Chord Progressions On Guitar$50.00Udemy60, Instruments, Music50
Master Pro Tools 11 - A Definitive Pro Tools Course$50.00Udemy65, Music, Music Software50
Sound Engineer Fundamentals :$50.00Udemy64, Music, Production50
Learn Jazz Piano Today$50.00Udemy70, Instruments, Music50
Country Guitar Fundamentals$50.00Udemy70, Instruments, Music50
Playing Piano: Major Scales and Arpeggios Vol.I$50.00Udemy70, Instruments, Music50
Learn to Play Saxophone: Beginner to Pro in Under Four Hours$50.00Udemy70, Instruments, Music50
Percussive Fingerstyle Guitar$50.00Udemy68, Instruments, Music50
Learn to Play Clarinet: Beginner to Pro in Under Five Hours$50.00Udemy67, Instruments, Music50
Modern Rock Guitar Techniques$50.00Udemy67, Instruments, Music50
Learn to Play the Trumpet: Beginner to Pro Made the Easy Way$50.00Udemy67, Instruments, Music50
Play Piano in 30 Days! - Start Playing NOW!$50.00Udemy67, Instruments, Music50
Turbocharged Country Guitar Licks$50.00Udemy69, Music, Music Techniques50
Play Modern Blues Now$50.00Udemy67, Music, Music Techniques50
How to promote your music via Twitter Music Marketing$50.00Udemy70, Music, Other50
Guitar: Master The Guitar Fretboard In 6 Easy Steps$50.00Udemy72, Instruments, Music50
Modal Theory for Guitar (Guitar Lessons from Lutz Academy)$50.00Udemy72, Instruments, Music50
The Circle of Fifths for Guitarists$50.00Udemy71, Instruments, Music50
Music Theory Level 1$50.00Udemy73, Music, Music Fundamentals50
Learning Apple Logic Pro X - Master Logic Pro X Quickly$50.00Udemy73, Music, Music Software50
Market And Sell Music Online via Soundcloud Promotion$50.00Udemy71, Music, Other50
How To Make A Record$50.00Udemy73, Music, Production50
Learn Piano Scales: Play any song in any key! Like Pro's do$50.00Udemy77, Instruments, Music50
Learn To Play The Piano Using Pop, R&B and Gospel Chords$50.00Udemy76, Instruments, Music50
The Best Beginner Guitar Course Ever$50.00Udemy76, Instruments, Music50
Guitar Super System Level 2$50.00Udemy75, Instruments, Music50
The 80/20 Beginner Guitar Course$50.00Udemy74, Instruments, Music50
Music Theory Level 2: Chord Progressions and Song Writing$50.00Udemy75, Music, Music Fundamentals50
Vocal Boot Camp: Riffs and Runs$50.00Udemy74, Music, Music Techniques50
Vocal Recording: A Complete Production Guide$50.00Udemy76, Music, Production50
Guitar: Learn To Play 10 Guitar Songs Using Just 3 Chords$50.00Udemy80, Instruments, Music50
Guitar: Start Playing Solo Guitar The Simple Way$50.00Udemy80, Instruments, Music50
Guitar - 12 Strumming Patterns You Must Know For Guitar$50.00Udemy80, Instruments, Music50
Guitar: Learn 10 CCR Guitar Chord Progressions$50.00Udemy79, Instruments, Music50
Playing Piano : Reading and Playing Classical Tunes Vol.I$50.00Udemy77, Instruments, Music50
Country Guitar: Picking Exercises$50.00Udemy80, Music, Music Techniques50
Guitar - Learn 10 Legendary Chord Progressions for Guitar$50.00Udemy84, Instruments, Music50
Read Music & Play Songs on the Piano from Sheet Music$50.00Udemy83, Instruments, Music50
Guitar Insanity Workout - Eatmystrings!$50.00Udemy83, Instruments, Music50
Guitar - Blues Guitar for Beginners$50.00Udemy82, Instruments, Music50
RECORD LABEL : How to Start a Music Record Label in 30 days$50.00Udemy82, Music, Production50
Guitar Super System Level 1$50.00Udemy86, Instruments, Music50
Blues Guitar Fundamentals$50.00Udemy84, Instruments, Music50
Song Science #1: How Pros Use 6 Chords to Write Hit Songs$50.00Udemy84, Music, Music Fundamentals50
Virtual Piano Lessons - A New Way To Learn Piano$50.00Udemy93, Instruments, Music50
A new approach to piano and playing songs for beginners$50.00Udemy94, Instruments, Music50
Riffs and Runs 2: The Amazing Pentatonic (for singers)$45.00Udemy64, Music, Vocal45
PercusiĂłn para todos!$49.00Teachlr4, Instruments, Music49
CAGED Pentatonic System for Guitar - Level 2$45.00Udemy73, Instruments, Music45
CAGED Pentatonic System for Guitar - Level 3$45.00Udemy71, Instruments, Music45
Reading Music Made Easy - Note Reading, Not Note Memorizing!$45.00Udemy70, Music, Music Fundamentals45
Piano Zen: Experience Your True, Unlimited Musical Potential$45.00Udemy73, Music, Music Techniques45
Guitar Technique Booster For Lead Guitar$45.00Udemy68, Music, Music Techniques45
Programming Amazing Drum Tracks: a Guide for Non-Drummers$45.00Udemy65, Music, Production45
Vocal Boot Camp: Increasing Your Range$45.00Udemy72, Music, Vocal45
How To Rap Like A Pro - 8 Steps To Rapping Like The Pros$45.00Udemy64, Music, Vocal45
Learn How to Play Blues, Rock, & Boogie Woogie Piano Today$45.00Udemy81, Instruments, Music45
CAGED Pentatonic System for Guitar - Level 1$45.00Udemy74, Instruments, Music45
Easy to play Christmas Songs for Guitar - Beginner to Inter$45.00Udemy74, Instruments, Music45
Ableton Live Comprehensive, Part 1: The Interface & Basics$44.00Teachlr0, Music, Music Software44
Take your double bass drum technique to the next level$40.00Udemy64, Instruments, Music40
How to speak Pianish (beginner level)$40.00Udemy64, Instruments, Music40
Guitar Master Class Learning How to Play Guitar from A to Z$40.00Udemy63, Instruments, Music40
Music Theory for Electronic Musicians 3: Extended Harmony$40.00Udemy66, Music, Music Fundamentals40
Prepare for Music Theory ABRSM 1 to 5$40.00Udemy62, Music, Music Fundamentals40
Ultimate Ableton Live: Part 7 - MaxForLive$40.00Udemy62, Music, Music Software40
The Blues Piano Crash Course++$40.00Udemy64, Music, Music Techniques40
Christmas Piano Songs For The Very Beginner Vol. I$40.00Udemy72, Instruments, Music40
Play all major scales by ear - no notation required!$40.00Udemy69, Instruments, Music40
Piano Chords$40.00Udemy72, Music, Music Fundamentals40
Music Student Success$40.00Udemy68, Music, Music Fundamentals40
TeorĂ­a musical Vol. 1$40.00Udemy69, Music, Music Fundamentals40
Music Theory Vol. 2: Scales and Chords$40.00Udemy67, Music, Music Fundamentals40
Lyricology: The Perfect Formulas for Hip-Hop Songwriting!$40.00Udemy68, Music, Music Techniques40
Learn Deep House Production with Logic Pro$40.00Udemy67, Music, Production40
Piano for Complete Beginners: Learn your first song today!$40.00Udemy74, Instruments, Music40
Music Theory Vol.I : Basic Terminology$40.00Udemy85, Music, Music Fundamentals40
Lyricology: Perfect Song Structure and Beat Selection!$40.00Udemy87, Music, Music Techniques40
Learn 4 Vital things that will make your DRUM PLAYING EASIER$35.00Udemy63, Instruments, Music35
Mike G's Beginner Drum Course: Part 1$35.00Udemy63, Instruments, Music35
Guitarra Desde Cero - PARTE 1$35.00Udemy62, Instruments, Music35
Music Theory Comprehensive: Part 3 - Minor Keys and More$35.00Udemy62, Music, Music Fundamentals35
Reading Music Made Easy : Basic Music Theory for Everyone!$35.00Udemy61, Music, Music Fundamentals35
Music Theory Comprehensive: Part 4 - Modes and Counterpoint$35.00Udemy61, Music, Music Fundamentals35
Ultimate Ableton Live: Part 6 - DJ Techniques & Controllers$35.00Udemy65, Music, Music Software35
Music Recording and Production with Logic Pro$35.00Udemy64, Music, Music Software35
Podcast Academy - Simple Steps To Recording & Publishing$35.00Udemy67, Music, Production35
Drum Production Bible: Secret Methods For Modern Beat Making$35.00Udemy68, Music, Production35
Mastering EDM in Ableton Live Using Native Plugins$35.00Udemy67, Music, Production35
Learn Electronic Dance Music Production with Ableton Live$35.00Udemy61, Music, Production35
How to Audition for The Voice and The X Factor$35.00Udemy69, Music, Vocal35
Sing Professionally - From Amateur to Pro in 30 Days$35.00Udemy63, Music, Vocal35
14 Essential Revenue Streams for Music Artists$35.00Udemy76, Music, Other35
Sampling: Using Sampling for Sound Design & Production$35.00Udemy76, Music, Production35
Ultimate Ableton Live: Part 5 - MIDI & Audio Effects$35.00Udemy70, Music, Production35
Get great playing HARMONICA - a fun new leisure time hobby !$35.00Udemy82, Instruments, Music35
Music Theory for Electronic Musicians 2: Minor keys and More$35.00Udemy85, Music, Music Fundamentals35
Synthesizers! Using Synthesis for Sound Design & Production$35.00Udemy79, Music, Production35
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Music Theory Comprehensive: Part 1 - How To Read Music$30.00Udemy72, Music, Music Fundamentals30
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Basic Ear Training (Real College Course Preview)$30.00Udemy72, Music, Music Techniques30
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Basic Concepts of Music (Real College Course Preview)$30.00Udemy73, Music, Music Fundamentals30
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Pentatonics and Blues Guitar Solo Mastery$30.00Udemy79, Music, Music Fundamentals30
Loud And Clear: Make Better Voice Recordings Now$30.00Udemy80, Music, Vocal30
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'Greensleeves' Creative Piano Lessons Course$25.00Teachlr0, Instruments, Music25
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ABRSM Music Theory Grade 3$25.00Udemy61, Music, Music Fundamentals25
How to hear and sing "in-tune" (Intro course)$25.00Udemy64, Music, Other25
Writing & Recording Your First Rap Song$25.00Udemy62, Music, Other25
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Classical Guitar Essentials - The Basics Part 1$25.00Udemy69, Instruments, Music25
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Produce Electro Big Room in under 5 Hours with FL Studio$25.00Udemy70, Music, Music Software25
Ultimate Ableton Live: Part 2 - Recording & Warping$25.00Udemy71, Music, Music Software25
Circuit Bending: Making Music By ReWiring Devices and Toys$25.00Udemy71, Music, Production25
Sound like a Pro: The Basics of FL Studio & EDM Production$25.00Udemy71, Music, Production25
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Make Hit Music!$25.00Udemy76, Music, Music Software25
How to Compose Music Like A Boss: Go From Zero to Hero$25.00Udemy72, Music, Music Techniques25
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Sound Amazing Singing From The Diaphragm$25.00Udemy74, Music, Vocal25
Music Theory Fundamentals: From Notes to the Circle of 5ths$25.00Udemy78, Music, Music Fundamentals25
How To DJ With Ableton Live: DJ Techniques Clear and Simple$25.00Udemy77, Music, Music Techniques25
Millionaire DJ: FL Studio 12 - Pro Music Production Course$25.00Udemy80, Music, Production25
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3 step formula for playing guitar by ear$25.00Udemy88, Instruments, Music25
Audacity: Producing & Recording with Powerful Free Software$25.00Udemy82, Music, Music Software25
Ultimate Ableton Live: Part 1 - The Interface & The Basics$25.00Udemy82, Music, Music Software25
Curso de guitarra española para principiantes$22.00Teachlr0, Instruments, Music22
Pro Tools Next Level$20.00Teachlr0, Music, Music Software20
Curso básico de Pro Tools$20.00Teachlr0, Music, Music Software20
Instant Harmonica - play the groovy Valens La Bamba now!$20.00Udemy60, Instruments, Music20
Music Master Plan: From Music Theory to Music Career$20.00Udemy60, Music, Music Fundamentals20
Songwriting Process: Write Your Own Songs$20.00Udemy60, Music, Music Techniques20
Drum Mic Technique: Record better sounds today.$20.00Udemy60, Music, Production20
How to become a successful music producer$20.00Udemy60, Music, Production20
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Instant Harmonica - play Somewhere Over the Rainbow now!$20.00Udemy62, Instruments, Music20
Instant Harmonica - play the great Irish tune Molly Malone!$20.00Udemy61, Instruments, Music20
Musical Mother Tongue: Start a Pre-K Kid's Musical Life$20.00Udemy62, Music, Music Fundamentals20
Guitar Without The Grind$20.00Udemy61, Music, Music Fundamentals20
Massive Trap Tutorial: Design Trap Sounds with Massive$20.00Udemy62, Music, Music Software20
Selling Your Music Online - Intro Class$20.00Udemy62, Music, Music Techniques20
How to Play Djembe Drum & Rhythm. Level 1$20.00Udemy61, Music, Other20
The Holistic Voice - Breathing for Improved Performance$20.00Udemy61, Music, Vocal20
Instant Harmonica - play Amazing Grace with grace and ease!$20.00Udemy63, Instruments, Music20
Piano Building Blocks: Learn the 24 Most Common Chords$20.00Udemy63, Instruments, Music20
Circuit Bending: Making Music By ReWiring Devices - Intro$20.00Udemy63, Music, Music Software20
Piano Finger Exercises$20.00Udemy63, Music, Music Techniques20
How to DJ: The Fundamentals and Beyond$20.00Udemy63, Music, Music Techniques20
Digital Music Production - Creating Tomorrow's Hit Songs!$20.00Udemy64, Music, Production20
Complete Guide to Maschine MKII$20.00Udemy63, Music, Production20
Learn Indian Voice Music from the scratch to advance$20.00Udemy63, Music, Vocal20
Bossa Nova - Guitar for Beginners$20.00Udemy65, Instruments, Music20
Beginner Piano$20.00Udemy65, Instruments, Music20
Play Violin and Fiddle for beginners - it's fun - Course 1$20.00Udemy64, Instruments, Music20
Instant Harmonica - play Scarborough Fair in 8 easy lectures$20.00Udemy64, Instruments, Music20
Chord Toolbox I - Foundational triads and 4-note chords$20.00Udemy65, Music, Music Fundamentals20
Songwriting - Learn how to write a catchy song$20.00Udemy65, Music, Music Fundamentals20
ABRSM Music Theory Grade 1$20.00Udemy65, Music, Music Fundamentals20
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Rock Drumset Grooves: Level 1$20.00Udemy67, Instruments, Music20
Acoustic, Analog and Digital Signals Explained$20.00Udemy67, Music, Music Fundamentals20
Recipes For Recording$20.00Udemy67, Music, Production20
Music Production: FL Studio for Absolute Beginners - Part I$20.00Udemy67, Music, Production20
Record Great Sound At Home For Instructors & YouTubers$20.00Udemy67, Music, Production20
Learn Dance Music Production in Ableton Live$20.00Udemy67, Music, Production20
Record Audio Like a Pro: Foundations of Audio Recording$20.00Udemy68, Music, Production20
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Mixing for Music Producers$20.00Udemy69, Music, Production20
10 Essential Lessons for Easy Singing$20.00Udemy68, Music, Vocal20
Step by Step Indian Vocal Course- Bollywood & Classical$20.00Udemy68, Music, Vocal20
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Ableton Live's Analog Instrument$20.00Udemy69, Music, Music Software20
Getting Started On Guitar$20.00Udemy71, Instruments, Music20
31 Day Guitar Challenge$20.00Udemy71, Instruments, Music20
Fingerpicking Classics - Great songs played fingerstyle!$20.00Udemy70, Instruments, Music20
Guitar Lessons for complete beginners - super simple and fun$20.00Udemy70, Instruments, Music20
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HiFi (HD Audio) Recording Using Affordable Equipment$20.00Udemy71, Music, Production20
Guitar for Beginners - Learn the Basics$20.00Udemy71, Instruments, Music20
Sylenth Tutorial: Master Lennar Digital's Sylenth1$20.00Udemy72, Music, Music Software20
How To Become A Guitar Teacher By Paul Gronow$20.00Udemy72, Music, Other20
When Do I Clap? An Insider's Guide to Symphony Concerts$20.00Udemy71, Music, Other20
The Professional Way: Learn Electronic Music Production$20.00Udemy72, Music, Production20
Learn music theory: ABRSM Grades 1 and 2$20.00Udemy73, Music, Music Fundamentals20
Learn Beethoven's Fur Elise on Piano$20.00Udemy74, Instruments, Music20
16 Guitar Chords to Jam With - (Beginner - Intermediate)$20.00Udemy74, Instruments, Music20
Piano Improvisation from Day One$20.00Udemy73, Instruments, Music20
Beginner's Guide To Maschine Software & Mikro$20.00Udemy74, Music, Music Software20
Avid Pro Tools: Audio Recording For Beginners In ProTools$20.00Udemy73, Music, Music Software20
Improve Your Voiceovers in MINUTES!$20.00Udemy73, Music, Music Software20
Create a Finger-Drumming Rack in Ableton Live (Basics)$20.00Udemy74, Music, Production20
Understanding MIDI: Create Compositions With Help Of MIDI FX$20.00Udemy73, Music, Production20
Step by Step Tabla Course- Indian Drums$20.00Udemy75, Instruments, Music20
Blues Guitar Lessons - From Texas To Carolina$20.00Udemy74, Instruments, Music20
Accelerate Your Guitar Learning With Metal Techniques$20.00Udemy74, Instruments, Music20
Complete Guide To GarageBand For Beginners$20.00Udemy74, Music, Production20
Beginners guide to the Acoustic Guitar$20.00Udemy75, Music, Music Fundamentals20
Electronic Music Composition Pt1$20.00Udemy75, Music, Music Fundamentals20
Create A Professional Music Video For Songwriters/Musicians$20.00Udemy77, Music, Other20
Gitarre spielen wie die Profis$20.00Udemy79, Instruments, Music20
Basic Piano Hymn Playing$20.00Udemy78, Instruments, Music20
Drumming for Beginners - Simple Way To Learn How To Drum$20.00Udemy78, Instruments, Music20
Acoustic Songwriting. Create your own original songs.$20.00Udemy79, Music, Music Fundamentals20
Remix Tutorial: How to Remix in Logic Pro X$20.00Udemy79, Music, Production20
Music Theory with the Ableton Push$20.00Udemy79, Music, Music Fundamentals20
Meaningful Songwriting: Write Songs That Matter To You$20.00Udemy79, Music, Music Techniques20
Mixing Electronic Music with Logic Pro$20.00Udemy80, Music, Production20
Introduction to Electronic Music$20.00Udemy82, Music, Production20
How to Play the Guitar: Your 30-Day Guide to Learn Guitar$20.00Udemy83, Instruments, Music20
Learn how to make a song in GarageBand in 1 hour$20.00Udemy83, Music, Production20
How to Make A Song Melody in 30 Minutes Like A Rock Star$20.00Udemy84, Music, Music Fundamentals20
Read Music FAST!$20.00Udemy84, Music, Music Techniques20
Garageband: Getting Started from installation to songwriting$20.00Udemy87, Music, Music Software20
Massive Tutorial: Master "Massive" in One Week$20.00Udemy89, Music, Production20
Learn 4 Chords and Play Thousands of Songs!$20.00Udemy90, Instruments, Music20
How to DJ With Traktor Pro 2$20.00Udemy90, Music, Music Techniques20
Studio Essentials: Sound and Audio Foundations For Producers$20.00Udemy96, Music, Production20
Best Beginner Guitar Lessons by Sam Lyons$20.00Udemy98, Instruments, Music20
Learn Guitar in 21 Days$20.00Udemy100, Instruments, Music20
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8 Quick Tips for Superior Time Keeping Skills$13.00Skillshare0, Music, Music Production13
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Learn to play Bob Marley's 'Stir It Up' on the Steel Drum (or a Steel Drum app) FUN!!!$13.00Skillshare0, Music, Music Production13
Learn to play 'Don't Worry, Be Happy' on the Steel Drum (or a Steel Drum app) FUN!!!$13.00Skillshare0, Music, Music Production13
Learn to play 'Here Comes the Bride' on the Steel Drum(or a Steel Drum app)FUN!!!$13.00Skillshare0, Music, Music Production13
Learn to play 'Love Me Tender' on the Steel Drum (or a Steel Drum app) FUN!!!$13.00Skillshare0, Music, Music Production13
Learn to play 'RED RED WINE' on the Steel Drum(or on a Steel Drum app) FUN!!!$13.00Skillshare0, Music, Music Production13
Learn to play 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' on the Steel Drum (or a Steel Drum app) FUN!!!$13.00Skillshare0, Music, Music Production13
Learn to play a jew's harp$13.00Skillshare0, Music, Music Production13
Grundlagen der bedingten Formatierung in Microsoft Excel 2016$13.00Skillshare0, Music, Music Production13
Me Without You Tutorial$13.00Skillshare0, Music, Music Production13
Music Theory For Beginners$13.00Skillshare0, Music, Music Production13
Operating the Audio Mixer, A Beginner's Guide to Mixing Live Sound$13.00Skillshare0, Music, Music Production13
Innovationsmanagement - Design Thinking - Lean Startup - Deutsche Version$13.00Skillshare0, Music, Music Production13
Play the Harmonica with a VIBRATO Effect$13.00Skillshare0, Music, Music Production13
Super-Learn New Guitar Chords, Easily$13.00Skillshare0, Music, Music Production13
Blues Guitar - Chump Man Blues by Blind Blake$13.00Skillshare0, Music, Music Production13
Blues Guitar Lesson - Nobody Wants You (Down and Out) - Scrapper Blackwell$13.00Skillshare0, Music, Music Production13
Blues Guitar Lessons- Blues Before Sunrise by Scrapper Blackwell$13.00Skillshare0, Music, Music Production13
Chromatic Minor Riffs: Mix'n'Match Blues$13.00Skillshare0, Music, Music Production13
Easily Tune Your Guitar Using an App$13.00Skillshare0, Music, Music Production13
How to Play Bass (for Guitarists)$13.00Skillshare0, Music, Music Production13
How to Play Hallelujah EXACTLY Like Jeff Buckley$13.00Skillshare0, Music, Music Production13
Indispensable Piano Fundamentals$13.00Skillshare0, Music, Music Production13
Learn 101 of the Best Fingerpicking Patterns Ever$13.00Skillshare0, Music, Music Production13
Learn Lion (Saroo) Soundtrack On The Piano By Ear$13.00Skillshare0, Music, Music Production13
Learn to Play “TEQUILA” on the Steel Drum(or a Steel Drum app) FUN!!!$13.00Skillshare0, Music, Music Production13
12 Principles of Playing a 12-STRING$13.00Skillshare4, Music, Music Production13
14 Ways to Advance to The Next Level on Guitar$13.00Skillshare4, Music, Music Production13
Bottleneck Blues Guitar - Walkin' Blues by Robert Johnson$13.00Skillshare4, Music, Music Production13
CUBASE-THE ULTIMATE GUIDE2018 {HEBREW}$13.00Skillshare4, Music, Music Production13
Finding the Pentatonic Scales$13.00Skillshare4, Music, Music Production13
GUITAR LESSONS--BEGINNER SERIES$13.00Skillshare4, Music, Music Production13
Gypsy Jazz Guitar - Waltz Accompaniment$13.00Skillshare4, Music, Music Production13
How To Get Signed To a Record Label$13.00Skillshare4, Music, Music Production13
How to make music with F L Studio Easy Classes with complete course$13.00Skillshare4, Music, Music Production13
Learn Loreena McKennitt Songs-Quicklessons Piano Course$13.00Skillshare4, Music, Music Production13
Learn Vikings Soundtracks on the Piano by Ear$13.00Skillshare4, Music, Music Production13
Learn to play “MARGARITAVILLE” on the Steel Drum (or on a Steel Drum app)FUN!!!$13.00Skillshare4, Music, Music Production13
Learn to play 'LIMBO ROCK' on the Steel Drum(or a Steel Drum app)FUN!!!$13.00Skillshare4, Music, Music Production13
Music Production$13.00Skillshare4, Music, Music Production13
Musicarta Pentatonics Workbook, Module Four$13.00Skillshare4, Music, Music Production13
Musicarta Pentatonics Workbook, Module Three$13.00Skillshare4, Music, Music Production13
Play 6 Classic Campfire Songs w/ Just 4 Chords$13.00Skillshare4, Music, Music Production13
Play Wonderwall + Time of Your Life: just like the originals!$13.00Skillshare4, Music, Music Production13
Poldark TV Series Soundtracks Piano (Easy Level)$13.00Skillshare4, Music, Music Production13
Reason 9 Training Course$13.00Skillshare4, Music, Music Production13
Switch Chords EFFORTLESSLY = Play Songs SMOOTHLY$13.00Skillshare4, Music, Music Production13
This Is Amazing Grace Tutorial$13.00Skillshare4, Music, Music Production13
2 Huge HARMONICA MaintenanceHacks (Make Yourself a TURBO Harp)$13.00Skillshare7, Music, Music Production13
Beginner Banjo-Your First Rolls$13.00Skillshare7, Music, Music Production13
Blues Guitar Lesson - Blue Day Blues by Scrapper Blackwell$13.00Skillshare7, Music, Music Production13
Blues Guitar Lesson - Livin' With The Blues by Brownie McGhee$13.00Skillshare7, Music, Music Production13
Blues Guitar - Spike Driver Blues by MississippiJohn Hurt$13.00Skillshare7, Music, Music Production13
CUSTOMIZE Your Guitar: Add Blings and Make It SEXY$13.00Skillshare7, Music, Music Production13
Chords for Carl Module Three: Videos 4 and 5$13.00Skillshare7, Music, Music Production13
Fast Track Course in Logic Pro x$13.00Skillshare7, Music, Music Production13
Fingerstyle Blues Guitar Lesson - Hey Hey by Big Bill Broonzy$13.00Skillshare7, Music, Music Production13
Garageband for Songwriting and Music Production - Module 5$13.00Skillshare7, Music, Music Production13
Guitar Picking 101 - Develop speed and comfort while learning cool pickings patterns for songs.$13.00Skillshare7, Music, Music Production13
Guitar for you: Learn How To Play Your First Song$13.00Skillshare7, Music, Music Production13
How To Play Guitar For Beginners$13.00Skillshare7, Music, Music Production13