The internet has made it easier to learn just about everything. Be it lessons that one could not initially fit into a tight schedule or those that were formerly too expensive, the internet has made it all easy.

Courses about lifestyle have become popular among the lessons available on the net. Looked at easily, it makes little sense to imagine why anyone would take lessons about ‘how to live.’ Once a person decides to take these tutorials, however, it becomes evident after a short time of study how their lives have been positively impacted.

These classes are important basically because they help people to get out of their comfort zone by giving them constant reminders and keeping track of progress. They range from intense activities like exercise to simple activities like healthy eating, sleeping and interacting with colleagues.

The presence of linked communities with similar interests and goals makes the whole learning process enjoyable. It is a lesson everyone should consider taking in order to improve their lives.

NamePricePayment typeCourse languageProviderPopularityCategoriescategories_hfilteratt:pa_provider_hfilterprice_hsort
Jewelry Making Masterclass: Be(ad) Stunning!$200.00Udemy55, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle200
Make $10,000 by selling makeup: Makeup Recipes to do at Home$200.00Udemy71, Beauty and Makeup, Lifestyle200
How to Fly Fish: A Lifelong Hobby$200.00Udemy72, Lifestyle, Other200
Read and Download Amazon Kindle eBooks for Free$200.00Udemy62, Lifestyle, Other200
Wedding Guide: Expert Planning Tips for Your Wedding Day$200.00Udemy74, Lifestyle, Other200
Dog Training - Running A Dog Training Business$200.00Udemy72, Lifestyle, Pets200
Reliability and Games 2-Day Dog Training Workshop$200.00Udemy78, Lifestyle, Pets200
Dog Training - Become A Dog Trainer - Dog Training Career$200.00Udemy83, Lifestyle, Pets200
Become an Arabic Calligraphy Artist from Scratch$200.00Udemy85, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle200
Science-Based Dog Training (with Feeling) - All 3 Days$200.00Udemy85, Lifestyle, Pets200
Social Media Marketing : Hospitality & Travel Professionals$200.00Udemy85, Lifestyle, Travel200
Camino de Santiago - Master Preparation Guide for the Camino$200.00Udemy85, Lifestyle, Travel200
Travel Hacking: Cheap, Smart & Fun Travel - Travel Smart$200.00Udemy89, Lifestyle, Travel200
Travel Hacks: How I Save up to 81% on Flights and Travel!$200.00Udemy88, Lifestyle, Travel200
Dr. Ian Dunbar's SIRIUS® Dog Trainer Academy - All 4 Days$200.00Udemy89, Lifestyle, Pets200
Learn how to Price your Embroidery or Dressmaking crafts$195.00Udemy65, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle195
Vietnamese Cooking Made Simple$195.00Udemy63, Food and Beverage, Lifestyle195
Chess: From Beginner to Advanced at Warp Speed$195.00Udemy65, Gaming, Lifestyle195
Learn to Play Chess Openings Like a Master$195.00Udemy61, Gaming, Lifestyle195
Learn How to be an Expat in Vietnam$195.00Udemy65, Lifestyle, Travel195
Travel Made Easy: How to See the World on a Budget$195.00Udemy76, Lifestyle, Travel195
How to Start a Hair Salon Business$195.00Udemy84, Beauty and Makeup, Lifestyle195
Become a Digital Nomad: The Ultimate Travel Hack$195.00Udemy79, Lifestyle, Travel195
AirBnb : AirBnb Hacks for Maximizing Profits for Your Pad$195.00Udemy88, Lifestyle, Travel195
Dog Training - Puppies - A-Z Guide To Puppy & Dog Training$175.00Udemy76, Lifestyle, Pets175
The Dog Care Guide For Dog Owners To A Happy & Healthy Dog$175.00Udemy64, Lifestyle, Pets175
Roulette Flaw: Guide to Playing Roulette Anywhere$160.00Udemy82, Gaming, Lifestyle160
Mastering Airbnb | Learn from SF's top host, 100+ lectures$165.00Udemy93, Lifestyle, Travel165
Dog Training - Natural Remedies for Health & Dog Training$150.00Udemy71, Lifestyle, Pets150
Dog Training - BARF - Feed Your Dog A Raw Diet$150.00Udemy67, Lifestyle, Pets150
Easy Filmmaking: Travel and Vacation Video Film Making Guide$150.00Udemy75, Lifestyle, Travel150
No Oil Cooking Recipes - Eat Healthy! Live Strong!$150.00Udemy82, Food and Beverage, Lifestyle150
Dog Training - Stop Dog Barking - Easy Dog Training Methods$150.00Udemy79, Lifestyle, Pets150
Dog Training - Leash Training - Simple Dog Training Methods$150.00Udemy77, Lifestyle, Pets150
Dog Training - Stop Dog Attacks - Easy Dog Training Methods$150.00Udemy76, Lifestyle, Pets150
Fun Dog Training Workshop To Creating Art With Your Dog$150.00Udemy76, Lifestyle, Pets150
Relax & learn watercolor painting as you play. Just copy me.$150.00Udemy86, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle150
Aprende a decorar tartas con fondant$149.00Teachlr0, Cooking, Lifestyle149
How To Make Soap - Homemade Soap Making for Beginners$125.00Udemy69, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle125
#8 Advanced Sourdough Bread Baking Experiments$125.00Udemy67, Food and Beverage, Lifestyle125
Chess Strategies: How To Play Rook Endgames$125.00Udemy69, Gaming, Lifestyle125
Face Yoga Method - Take five years Off your face in months$125.00Udemy83, Beauty and Makeup, Lifestyle125
#2 Bake Artisan Sourdough Bread Like a Professional$125.00Udemy83, Food and Beverage, Lifestyle125
#3 Bake Classic Sourdough Bread Like a Professional$125.00Udemy77, Food and Beverage, Lifestyle125
How to Improve Your Figure Drawing - Step by Step$100.00Udemy67, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle100
Palm Reading aka Palmistry - Your Key to Unlock the Future$100.00Udemy64, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle100
Juice Cleansing for Weight Loss, Intestine and Liver Repair!$100.00Udemy71, Food and Beverage, Lifestyle100
From Puppy To Dog Training$100.00Udemy70, Lifestyle, Pets100
Dog & Cat Behavior Problems$100.00Udemy65, Lifestyle, Pets100
Dog Training - How to Work With Aggressive Dogs.$100.00Udemy62, Lifestyle, Pets100
Dog Training - Become A Professional Dog Trainer$100.00Udemy74, Lifestyle, Pets100
How to get Paid to Travel The World$100.00Udemy77, Lifestyle, Travel100
Crucial Concepts in Dog Behavior & Training$100.00Udemy83, Lifestyle, Pets100
Treatment & Prevention of Dog Aggression: Biting & Fighting$100.00Udemy79, Lifestyle, Pets100
How to Travel 60-90 Days a Year - Even If You Work 9-5$100.00Udemy80, Lifestyle, Travel100
Simple Solutions for Common Dog Behavior & Training Problems$100.00Udemy89, Lifestyle, Pets100
Growl Class - A Workshop Demo for Reactive Dogs$100.00Udemy96, Lifestyle, Pets100
Use Wildfood And Medicine To Increase Your Vitality$95.00Udemy54, Food and Beverage, Lifestyle95
How to Buy Your First Home$95.00Udemy56, Lifestyle, Other95
How to Digitally Paint -- Paint with Manga Studio 5$95.00Udemy73, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle95
How To Use Photoshop To Make Digital Design Paper Fast, Easy$95.00Udemy72, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle95
Cooking Lessons for Dad: Learn to Cook Food the Easy Way!$95.00Udemy72, Food and Beverage, Lifestyle95
Online Pastry School - 1 Week Mastery Course$95.00Udemy71, Food and Beverage, Lifestyle95
Online Basic Vegan Vegetarian Cooking School$95.00Udemy70, Food and Beverage, Lifestyle95
#4 Old Fashioned Sourdough Baking$95.00Udemy69, Food and Beverage, Lifestyle95
Wine Confidence - Enjoy Wine Without Being An Expert$95.00Udemy60, Food and Beverage, Lifestyle95
Home Automation For Beginners: Create Your Own Smart Home$95.00Udemy67, Home Improvement, Lifestyle95
Photoshop Tutorials: Turn Family Photos Into Art$95.00Udemy78, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle95
Easy, Healthy, Crockpot Cooking! : Cooking Lessons for Dad!$95.00Udemy74, Food and Beverage, Lifestyle95
Create Restaurant Quality Cheesecake Today In Your Kitchen$90.00Udemy61, Food and Beverage, Lifestyle90
How to Draw and Color Backgrounds$90.00Udemy75, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle90
Creating Comic Book Faces in Sketchbook Pro 8$85.00Udemy71, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle85
Create 40+ Tasty Raw Food Recipes with Chef LaFaye Pye$85.00Udemy54, Food and Beverage, Lifestyle85
Effective Earth Friendly Pest Control$85.00Udemy63, Home Improvement, Lifestyle85
The Art of Lockpicking: A Complete Guide$80.00Udemy66, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle80
#9 Extreme Fermentation Bake Modified Gluten Sourdough Bread$80.00Udemy59, Food and Beverage, Lifestyle80
Paint colourful poppies in a loose, wet style effortlessly$75.00Udemy65, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle75
Dog Training - Stop fear of Fireworks + Loud sounds$75.00Udemy55, Lifestyle, Pets75
Paint this colourful watercolour in 5 easy steps, follow me$75.00Udemy78, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle75
Paint this watercolour in 7 easy steps, just copy me & learn$75.00Udemy74, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle75
Paint this watercolour in only 5 fun & easy to follow steps$75.00Udemy72, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle75
Paint a colourful, fluid & dramatic lavender field. Watch me$75.00Udemy71, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle75
Paint this French watercolour scene. Copy me in 8 easy steps$75.00Udemy70, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle75
2017 - Magic Secret Revealed - 60+ Impromptu Magic Tricks$75.00Udemy69, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle75
Palmistry: Learn the Basics for All Aspects of Your Life!$75.00Udemy69, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle75
Master dark washes painting a dramatic watercolour easily.$75.00Udemy67, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle75
Learn so much by painting this watercolour in 9 easy steps.$75.00Udemy67, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle75
5 steps to colourful, fluid & dramatic lavender. Watch me$75.00Udemy65, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle75
Master Pie Making | Pie & Tart Pastry Baking Course$75.00Udemy73, Food and Beverage, Lifestyle75
How To Make A Tropical Watermelon Fruit Bowl Arrangement$75.00Udemy67, Food and Beverage, Lifestyle75
Gardening to Attract Birds and Butterflies$75.00Udemy66, Home Improvement, Lifestyle75
Dog CPR, First Aid + Safety for pet pros + dedicated owners$75.00Udemy68, Lifestyle, Pets75
Become a Travel Wizard: Learn to Game the System & Fly Free$75.00Udemy76, Lifestyle, Travel75
Turn Unused Palette Paint into Abstract Sculptures$75.00Udemy83, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle75
Paint Realistic Watercolor and Botanicals - Studio Basics$70.00Udemy71, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle70
Paint Realistic Watercolour and Botanicals - CHASING AUTUMN$70.00Udemy63, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle70
How to Draw Anime People and bodies$65.00Udemy77, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle65
How to Draw Manga Faces and Hair$65.00Udemy76, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle65
Painting in Watercolor 1 - Learn Beginner Basic Techniques$65.00Udemy65, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle65
Homemade Skincare: Ultimate Beauty for Aging & Dry Skin$65.00Udemy66, Beauty and Makeup, Lifestyle65
Homemade Skincare: Highly Effective Remedies for Acne$65.00Udemy64, Beauty and Makeup, Lifestyle65
Homemade Skincare :: Rosacea & Sensitive Skin Remedies$65.00Udemy62, Beauty and Makeup, Lifestyle65
How To Make Sushi With Sushi Express$65.00Udemy71, Food and Beverage, Lifestyle65
Introduction To Twitch TV Video Game Live Streaming$65.00Udemy80, Gaming, Lifestyle65
Travel Writing: Explore the World & Publish Your Stories!$65.00Udemy70, Lifestyle, Travel65
Create, Publish and Sell "Photo" Coloring Books for Profit!$60.00Udemy71, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle60
Learn to Paint With Impact$60.00Udemy71, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle60
Makeup: Effortless Makeup for Real Women$60.00Udemy69, Beauty and Makeup, Lifestyle60
Get Perfect Skin (anti ageing & blemish free)$60.00Udemy60, Beauty and Makeup, Lifestyle60
Chess Strategies: Learn Tricky Tactical Chess Maneuvers$60.00Udemy72, Gaming, Lifestyle60
Supercharge Your Sex Drive$60.00Udemy53, Lifestyle, Other60
Gelatinas Florales 3D$60.00Teachlr0, Cooking, Lifestyle60
The Power of Gesture Drawing: how to gesture draw figures$55.00Udemy68, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle55
Mastering Glazing Techniques in Watercolor$55.00Udemy63, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle55
Weight Loss Program : Slim thinking permanent weight loss$55.00Udemy82, Beauty and Makeup, Lifestyle55
Facelift to Go - No Botox or Dangerous Surgery$55.00Udemy69, Beauty and Makeup, Lifestyle55
Start a Killer Restaurant- How to open a Restaurant Course$55.00Udemy91, Food and Beverage, Lifestyle55
Quick & Easy Delicious Desserts That Anyone Can Make$55.00Udemy82, Food and Beverage, Lifestyle55
Intuitive Painting with Mandalas$50.00Udemy59, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle50
Aprende a Decorar Tartas Fondant desde cero y paso a paso$50.00Udemy56, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle50
Makeup, Hair and Beauty Genius, by Marie Claire$50.00Udemy58, Beauty and Makeup, Lifestyle50
The Complete Raw Food Course: Basics, Entrees & Desserts$50.00Udemy55, Food and Beverage, Lifestyle50
Free-2-Play Game Monetization$50.00Udemy56, Gaming, Lifestyle50
The Grandmaster’s Techniques – 2nd edition$50.00Udemy56, Gaming, Lifestyle50
Training dog parkour (TreT-Style). Step by step lessons!$50.00Udemy59, Lifestyle, Pets50
Saltwater Aquarium 101: How to set up a saltwater aquarium$50.00Udemy58, Lifestyle, Pets50
Wood Carving for Beginners$50.00Udemy61, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle50
Curso de Desenho Artistico - Como Aprender do Zero$50.00Udemy60, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle50
Mastering wine - Jancis Robinson's shortcuts to success$50.00Udemy65, Food and Beverage, Lifestyle50
The Organized Genealogist$50.00Udemy60, Lifestyle, Other50
Dog Training - Tricks Level 1$50.00Udemy61, Lifestyle, Pets50
Dog Training - Polite Leash Walking Class$50.00Udemy61, Lifestyle, Pets50
Seitenblicke - Trainieren & Leben mit Pferden (Teil I)$50.00Udemy60, Lifestyle, Pets50
Draw, cut & paint stencils with style & download my designs$50.00Udemy70, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle50
My 5 most useful tips to give your painting a head start.$50.00Udemy67, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle50
Graffiti Formula - Complete Guide to Graffiti Sketching$50.00Udemy66, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle50
Learn How to Ride a Motorcycle with NO prior Experience$50.00Udemy69, Lifestyle, Other50
Growing Your YouTube Channel$50.00Udemy67, Lifestyle, Other50
Secrets of Living and Working in London, the United Kingdom$50.00Udemy71, Lifestyle, Travel50
Las Vegas Travel Guide - Free Magic Show Ticket and Casino$50.00Udemy67, Lifestyle, Travel50
Watercolour Special Effects & pro tips for more painting fun$50.00Udemy73, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle50
Turn Your Smartphone into a VR Headset | Virtual Reality$50.00Udemy71, Gaming, Lifestyle50
Watch Live TV Channel Movies Sports on Android Phone Tablet$50.00Udemy74, Lifestyle, Other50
Shading Masters: The Ultimate Drawing Course for Artists$50.00Udemy75, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle50
Ultimate Pressure Cooking - The Complete Course$50.00Udemy77, Food and Beverage, Lifestyle50
Chess Strategies: Learn Attacking Tactical Chess Maneuvers$50.00Udemy77, Gaming, Lifestyle50
Get Wine-Smart$50.00Udemy80, Food and Beverage, Lifestyle50
LEGO Create your own custom sets video tutorials$50.00Udemy80, Gaming, Lifestyle50
Anger Management Technique to eliminate anger fast$50.00Udemy81, Lifestyle, Other50
Painting: be proud of your first watercolour painting$50.00Udemy86, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle50
10 Simple Travel Hacks That Will Save You Thousands$50.00Udemy85, Lifestyle, Travel50
Travel Hacking: How To Travel The World (Almost) For Free$50.00Udemy94, Lifestyle, Travel50
How To Solve Painting Problems$45.00Udemy58, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle45
CHEESE: How to Buy, Store, Taste, Pair, Serve and Enjoy$45.00Udemy60, Food and Beverage, Lifestyle45
Moroccan Recipes : How To Cook a Traditional Tajine$45.00Udemy59, Food and Beverage, Lifestyle45
Do you want to build a Shipping Container Home in 2016?$45.00Udemy55, Home Improvement, Lifestyle45
Learn to paint wet into wet in watercolours, just follow me$45.00Udemy71, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle45
Paint these colourful, bold sunflowers with ease and drama$45.00Udemy66, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle45
#5 Bake the Best Bagels$45.00Udemy67, Food and Beverage, Lifestyle45
How to Bake Real Artisan Bread$45.00Udemy65, Food and Beverage, Lifestyle45
From Pawn to King: Learning the Game of Chess$45.00Udemy72, Gaming, Lifestyle45
Learn Tarot In A Day$45.00Udemy71, Lifestyle, Other45
Hypnosis - holiday to amazing destinations Guided Hypnosis$45.00Udemy70, Lifestyle, Travel45
[New] Travel the US, Canada, and Europe Without Going Broke!$45.00Udemy69, Lifestyle, Travel45
Drawing for Beginners - Follow Along with an Artist!$45.00Udemy83, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle45
Introduction To Clay Animation For Beginners$45.00Udemy76, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle45
Copy me, learn & paint this watercolour in six easy steps.$45.00Udemy74, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle45
Hypnosis for surgery free face lift - Hypnosis Program$45.00Udemy77, Beauty and Makeup, Lifestyle45
Hypnosis for Poker inner game mastery Guided Hypnosis$45.00Udemy77, Gaming, Lifestyle45
Airbnb Made Simple: Learn how we make THOUSANDS!$45.00Udemy76, Lifestyle, Travel45
Abstract Art Crazy Fun and Easy Way for Beginners to Paint$45.00Udemy90, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle45
Basis Kochen - Selber kochen statt Fastfood$45.00Udemy93, Food and Beverage, Lifestyle45
Year Round Gardening$40.00Udemy57, Home Improvement, Lifestyle40
Dog Training for Humans - How To Be Your Dogs Superhero$40.00Udemy55, Lifestyle, Pets40
Hygge. The Art of Comfort & Happiness. Knit Projects.$40.00Udemy64, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle40
Impressionism - Paint this Aspen Autumn scene in oil/acrylic$40.00Udemy64, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle40
Impressionism - Paint this Venice painting in oil or acrylic$40.00Udemy64, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle40
Impressionism - Paint this Farmhouse with Oils or Acrylics$40.00Udemy63, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle40
Impressionism - Paint this figure painting in oil or acrylic$40.00Udemy62, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle40
How to make sugar craft faces$40.00Udemy62, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle40
Professional Pearl and Bead Stringing$40.00Udemy60, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle40
Sketchbooks: Drawing the Everyday$40.00Udemy58, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle40
Perfect Potluck Vegan Salads$40.00Udemy62, Food and Beverage, Lifestyle40
How To Build Solar Panels$40.00Udemy66, Home Improvement, Lifestyle40
How to Write Your Memoirs$40.00Udemy68, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle40
Paint with your intuition & feel the healing, creative flow.$40.00Udemy67, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle40
Impressionism - Paint this Autumn painting in oil or acrylic$40.00Udemy66, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle40
Impressionism - Paint this Italy Scene in Oil or Acrylic$40.00Udemy66, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle40
Mouthwatering Homestyle Vegan Desserts$40.00Udemy66, Food and Beverage, Lifestyle40
Edit Professional Looking Cooking Videos in an Hour or Less$40.00Udemy66, Food and Beverage, Lifestyle40
Kindle Buffet - Get unlimited Free and Discount Kindle books$40.00Udemy68, Lifestyle, Other40
Jewelry Making: Wire Wrapping for Beginners$40.00Udemy76, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle40
Abstracts: Peel Painting 1 - Setup Basics$40.00Udemy72, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle40
Permaculture made simple$40.00Udemy73, Home Improvement, Lifestyle40
Travel Hacking Mastery: Travel Around the World for Cheap$40.00Udemy73, Lifestyle, Travel40
Learn Chess from a Nut!$35.00Udemy53, Gaming, Lifestyle35
Watercolor Fast and Loose! Express yourself in your painting$35.00Udemy69, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle35
Aprende Dibujo Artístico fácilmente. Arte y creatividad.$35.00Udemy69, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle35
Learn how to draw step by step. Art and Creativity.$35.00Udemy63, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle35
#2 ITA Certified Tea Courses - Chinese Tea Ceremony$35.00Udemy69, Food and Beverage, Lifestyle35
#6 Learn to Bake Magnificent Challah Bread$35.00Udemy64, Food and Beverage, Lifestyle35
Raw Vegan Desserts--Gluten and Dairy-Free$35.00Udemy57, Food and Beverage, Lifestyle35
Hire a Home Improvement Contractor with Confidence$35.00Udemy55, Home Improvement, Lifestyle35
Mens Style Made Simple$35.00Udemy67, Lifestyle, Other35
Female Dating Archetypes and How to Attract Each One$35.00Udemy66, Lifestyle, Other35
Work Your Way Around the World - Proven Tips for Travellers$35.00Udemy66, Lifestyle, Travel35
Go Totally Paperless/Digital in 2 Weeks! (Life Of Freedom)$35.00Udemy60, Lifestyle, Travel35
Abstract Painting - Going Big$35.00Udemy78, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle35
Get Art: An Easy Guide To Exploring, Discussing And Creating$35.00Udemy71, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle35
The Watercolor Workshop$35.00Udemy70, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle35
The Complete Nail Art Tutorial - Step by Step Manicure Guide$35.00Udemy71, Beauty and Makeup, Lifestyle35
Thanksgiving Dinner in One Hour: Turkey, Sides, & Dessert$35.00Udemy75, Food and Beverage, Lifestyle35
Let's bake cakes, breads and pastries!$35.00Udemy70, Food and Beverage, Lifestyle35
How To Become a Vegan, Vegetarian, or Flexitarian$35.00Udemy77, Lifestyle, Other35
Dog Training for Humans - Clicker Free Trick Training$35.00Udemy74, Lifestyle, Pets35
The Colored Pencil Drawing Course$35.00Udemy85, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle35
#7 Make the Best Pizza Crust$35.00Udemy85, Food and Beverage, Lifestyle35
Watercolor Painting for the Beginner$30.00Udemy62, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle30
Learn Professional Magic Tricks & Card Tricks in 7 Days$30.00Udemy61, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle30
Bernina Software 7 : introduction to Bernina Software 7$30.00Udemy61, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle30
Learn This Winter Wonderland Watercolor Scene & Framing$30.00Udemy58, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle30
The Acrylic Painting Academy$30.00Udemy58, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle30
Jewelry Making: Decorative Wire Wrapping 1 - Herringbone$30.00Udemy58, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle30
Modnitsa Atelier Jewelry Design Intro Video Series$30.00Udemy56, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle30
Food Dehydrating Made Easy! For Fruit, Veggies, Meat & more!$30.00Udemy62, Food and Beverage, Lifestyle30
Cocina Italiana para sorprender en casa$30.00Udemy60, Food and Beverage, Lifestyle30
Healthy Cooking Fundamentals$30.00Udemy56, Food and Beverage, Lifestyle30
Learn how to create an Embird Sfumato Portrait Design$30.00Udemy66, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle30
Oil Painting Master Series$30.00Udemy65, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle30
Sculpting Creatures and Critters$30.00Udemy63, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle30
Fundamental Beauty & Contouring Technique$30.00Udemy65, Beauty and Makeup, Lifestyle30
How Food Should Taste$30.00Udemy64, Food and Beverage, Lifestyle30
The Poker Blueprint: Learn to Play Good Poker$30.00Udemy67, Gaming, Lifestyle30
The Beginner's Guide to Vegetable Gardening$30.00Udemy63, Home Improvement, Lifestyle30
Polite Puppy Dog Training Class$30.00Udemy68, Lifestyle, Pets30
Travel Journaling: How to Write Extraordinary Travel Diaries$30.00Udemy67, Lifestyle, Travel30
Paint Super Simple 3D Poppies for Beginners$30.00Udemy71, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle30
You Can Paint a Stunning Watercolor in Seven Easy Steps$30.00Udemy69, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle30
Learn How to Make Chocolate Truffles$30.00Udemy70, Food and Beverage, Lifestyle30
Conquer Micro Stakes Poker: Serious Poker for Good Players$30.00Udemy69, Gaming, Lifestyle30
Minecraft 101: Learn to Play, Craft, Build, & Save the Day$30.00Udemy68, Gaming, Lifestyle30
Seed Starting Simplified: Grow your own garden seedlings$30.00Udemy69, Home Improvement, Lifestyle30
Paint 3D Ribbon Roses$30.00Udemy77, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle30
Travel Hacking: How to Travel the World for Next to Nothing$30.00Udemy76, Lifestyle, Travel30
Abstract Painting Beyond the Brush$30.00Udemy80, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle30
Introduction to Life as a Vegetarian$30.00Udemy80, Food and Beverage, Lifestyle30
Essential Poker Math for No Limit Holdem$30.00Udemy84, Gaming, Lifestyle30
Crush Micro Stakes Online Poker: The Complete Mastery Guide$30.00Udemy84, Gaming, Lifestyle30
Fundamentals of Exploitative Online Poker$30.00Udemy82, Gaming, Lifestyle30
#1 Sourdough Bread Baking 101$30.00Udemy87, Food and Beverage, Lifestyle30
The Secrets to Drawing$30.00Udemy98, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle30
Paint Landscapes in Watercolor Part 1$25.00Udemy59, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle25
Jewelry Making: Wire Wrapping Found Objects & Unusual Shapes$25.00Udemy59, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle25
How To Draw Manga & Anime Easily & Quickly$25.00Udemy57, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle25
Art for Kids and Beginners: Learn to Paint Acrylic Paintings$25.00Udemy54, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle25
China Table: Learn to Cook Traditional Chinese Cuisine$25.00Udemy59, Food and Beverage, Lifestyle25
Intro to *World RPG Gaming$25.00Udemy57, Gaming, Lifestyle25
Raising Chickens in your Backyard: a sustainable food source$25.00Udemy57, Home Improvement, Lifestyle25
VA Fully Developed Disability Claims$25.00Udemy53, Lifestyle, Other25
My Backpack is My Home - All about packing for backpackers$25.00Udemy59, Lifestyle, Travel25
Watercolor Workshop for Kids: Painting Projects & Techniques$25.00Udemy63, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle25
Learn to paint a pretty picture on canvas with acrylics.$25.00Udemy62, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle25
Makeup: Becoming a Professional Hollywood Makeup Artist$25.00Udemy63, Beauty and Makeup, Lifestyle25
How to Make No Knead Dinner Rolls$25.00Udemy63, Food and Beverage, Lifestyle25
Learn to Cook Like A Man: Impress Women and Cook for a Date$25.00Udemy61, Food and Beverage, Lifestyle25
Gardening - Seed Starting Inside Engineered for Simplicity$25.00Udemy65, Home Improvement, Lifestyle25
How to Buy a House Step by Step for First Time Home Buyer$25.00Udemy64, Home Improvement, Lifestyle25
Introduction to Studio Portraiture$25.00Udemy68, Arts and Crafts, Lifestyle25
Fashion Experience The Complete Guide To Fashion$25.00Udemy66, Beauty and Makeup, Lifestyle25
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